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Blogging is a self-published online site that is more effective than our traditional website. So, it is a good way to share ideas, innovations and opportunities with people. Moreover, it is a good way of engaging people. Nowadays, beginners are searching to know how to start a blog. I had spent some time understanding how to buy a domain name and use it as a custom domain in my Blog spot. Each Step made by me is described below.

The blog is a brand for creating awareness among people. You can do writing, photography, reviews etc. for your blog. As a beginner, I had a lot of confusion about how to buy a domain and link to Blog spot? With the help of experience, I have learned to do all these things. The screenshots& guidance are included for learning and to follow each step.

The blogger is a good way to enter and start blogging initially.

The first step is either login to the blogger directly or you can enter through your email and select the blogger. The blogger will ask different questions for completing the process. Fill in all the steps including domain name. You can start your blogging.

If you want to buy a domain name for your site, you can buy your domain name from Go Daddy and you can use that domain name as your custom domain name. In the initial stage of blogging, you can do all your work through blogger, it will help you to learn a lot practically.

How to buy a domain name from Go Daddy?

The domain name creates an identity in your online presence. Sign up GoDaddy and log in for entering the site.

Search for your domain name and fix your domain name. This area is competitive with a lot of different types of options on the site but you have to choose the appropriate option for your activity.

The most widely used extension is .com. However, plenty of domain extensions are available on the site. Fix your domain name related to your area. Otherwise, you can search in auctions. That name can be hold to your carton.Then you can ‘continue’ for your buying 

The next step is GoDaddy will ask for additional support. Then, you can click ‘No thanks’ if it is not required. Otherwise, you can use a domain privacy plan. I have used the option of ‘No thanks’.

Mode of payment you can use Credit card/debit card/Internet banking for completing the purchase

You can buy your domain name for one year/two year or more as your wish

How to set up your domain name purchased from GoDaddy into your blogger?

You have to open your blogger and set your domain name. Then you can go to settings and complete all the processes. You can paste the Domain name which you have purchased from GoDaddy to the custom domain for your blogspot. (for example: from my to

After copy and pasting of your domain name, you have to save the option and then you can see CNAMES in the dashboard. The next step is to click the DNS manager of GoDaddy and edit the configuration of DNS.

You need to add/edit that to the GoDaddy DNS manager. The code is unique so just copy and paste.

For Example: Add/Choose CNAME>>Host type www >> and in points field paste “” that is given below and save. That can be seen in the blogger dashboard. 

After adding/editing two CNAME in your GoDaddy DNS manager which is derived from Blogger and then saves.

Then you have seen the added CNAMES

1. blue colour

2. blue colour

The next step is to Set up A zone records in GoDaddy DNS Manager:

Under the A(Host) of the DNS manager, enter the 4IP addresses as given below one by one with the help of add button which has been shown above.

If CNAME/A is not available, you can add both. Then you check the registered email and subscribe to the option.

 After 4/5 hrs., your blogger will be working properly. I checked my blog on the second day then I had known that it was working properly.

Now your site is ready for your posting.

This is a very simple method to do your work properly. Later you can think of other sources. One more thing you can do is redirect your “ to  in your settings of blogger.

Wait some time for the process.

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