Do You Want to Create Attractive Templates for your Blogger?

Web designing is important for making attraction for reaching the customers. Every time the devices are adding features to reposition in the market. Mobile design is important nowadays for enhancing the image of your site. In the case of a blogger, you can choose attractive templates for your website. But, most of the bloggers have the opinion that the limited availability of templates in the blogger. If you want to make an attractive template for your blogger, you should follow the below steps:

The first step is you just search the free templates for your blogger in google and choose the first one of my search results, probably you have seen the ‘gooyabi‘ templates. I have chosen the free template from this site.

Then you can search the templates and can also check the ‘most preferred templates which are available at the bottom level of the particular site. The next step is choosing your preferred template from the bundle of templates.

The second stage is you can use the preview option of the site before downloading, then you can download your favourite one for your business. 

After downloading, you can see the zip file and extract that and keep it on your desktop.

The next step is to enter to blogger and download the XML file from the extracted file.

Then you can restore the XML file from the extracted file from the zip file into your blogger. Then you can see the new templates on your site.

Finally, you can modify your site with the help of the layout option. As a beginner, this option is really good to know about the field. However, the success of your site depends on your content.

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